Sales Kick-offs

28 Mar: DCD

DCD - Global Marketing Services
The Flume program is really great and that’s why I decided to adopt it as my onboarding program for any new sales exec that comes into our business.

Erica Baeta

Global Head Of Sales DCD
Erica - DCD

DCD Stats

Global Marketing Services

200+ employees

Revenue : £20m

21 Aug: LSX

For anyone considering sales training with Flume, I’d say, go for it. Absolutely! Their presentation and approach to sales blew us away. ”

Matthew Pullan

Managing Director, LSX
Matthew Pullan - LSX

LSX Stats

Events Services

40+ employees

Based in London


increase in revenue YOY


increase in number of sponsorship clients over 2 years

Flume Sales Training Challenge

LXS had set themselves an ambitious growth target of 35 to 45% year on year. Their areas of focus were to increase yields in both sponsorship and delegate sales; grow accounts by upselling multiple events to stakeholders with fewer interactions; increase group delegate bookings rather than individual sales, and increase account retention. At the same time, they have been rolling out a graduate recruitment programme to attract the brightest and best to become their future sales sta

05 Jun: Incisive Media

Completely different to other training out there.

Stuart McLean

HR Director, Incisive Media

Incisive Media Events Stats

Digital business information

750+ employees

Revenue : $56.1M

“A culture of success”

“Zero staff turnover”

Flume Sales Training Challenge

“Our clients have become far more discerning and are under greater pressure to justify their return on investment. There is absolutely no room to hide and so we needed an ever more sophisticated sales approach to succeed.”

Flume Sales Training Solution

“Measuring a tangible outcome to training became our focus and Flume were the only business comfortable with measuring direct ROI on their output. They matched specfic people with relevant content to drive pre-agreed KPIs, embedding change through bespoke management training & creating a best in class induction programme for us.”

Flume Sales Training Result

“As well as the marked boost in results and

05 Jun: M&C Saatchi

M&C Saatchi Performance - Flume Sales Training Client
Flume helped us shape a highly collaborative culture and strengthen client relationships.

Libby Robinson

EMEA Managing director, M&C Saatchi Mobile
Libby Robinson

M&C SAATCHI Events Stats

Mobile Marketing Agency

Campaigns in 124 countries

Revenue : $11.5M

“Built to fit our culture”

“Incredible attention to detail”

Flume Sales Training Challenge

“We turned to Flume for bespoke training to develop the internal and external communication skills needed for a smooth expansion process. We knew that having talented people isn’t enough. We needed a collaborative culture, where people cooperate and communicate effectively, to succeed.”

Flume Sales Training Solution

“Flume’s programme helped grow the collaborative culture we wanted. Junior staff were given development plans to boost confidence, skillset and empowerment. Managers were assisted to support and communicate with thei

05 Jun: Leyton

Leyton - Flume Sales Training
With such high impact initially we now use Flume across the organisation with similar results.

James Swift

Director of Talent Development, Leyton
James Swift

Leyton Events Stats

International consulting firm

300+ employees

Revenue : £36m turnover


additional revenue in the first month


increase in Average Order Value

Flume Sales Training Challenge

“When we approached Flume we were going through huge change as a business. As a high-growth and high-change organisation, we have a growing team. We are always hiring new salespeople and we needed to upskill the whole team as quickly as possible. At the same time, the whole organisation was going from a single-service to a multi-service sales process so we had to really quickly reskill our existing sales operation to represent our new suite of services. Flume have enabled us to do just this.

Flume Sales Training Solution

“Flume’s solutions fundam

05 Jun: Health iQ

Health iQ
In the three months post training, our average order value has increased by 27%, giving a clear and compelling ROI.

Rebeka McClintock

Account Director, Health iQ
Rebeka McClintock - Account Director, Health iQ

Health iQ Events Stats

Data & technology solutions

40+ employees

Revenue : £5.2m


increase in average order value


deal saved

Flume Sales Training Challenge

“As a business we are seeing an increase in sales cycle length due to more involved and robust decision- making processes undertaken by our clients This includes a significant increase in the number of decision makers required to sign off a single deal. This leads not only to deals taking longer to close, but also deals getting lost during our client’s internal decision making process which we have little control over.”

Flume Sales Training Solution

“Finding a partner who could help us not only to position our offering better with prospective clients, but also to successfully

05 Jun: Claroty

Claroty - Cyber Security
The biggest challenge that you’ve got now is trying to top this SKO next year.

Clare Dunstall

Director, Global Enablement, Claroty
Claroty Sales Kick-Off

Claroty Events Stats

Computer and Network Security

310+ employees

Revenue : $80m (est.)


person, live kick-off in Rome

“Flume you were great – legendary!” Simon Chassar, Chief Revenue Officer

Flume Sales Training Challenge

“We’re a very young company and had recruited over 100 people in the last two years so most of our people had never met each other. The SKO was needed for everyone to properly understand how they engage with each other in their roles and celebrate what the company has achieved and keep building the momentum throughout the year.”

Flume Sales Training Solution

“We needed a consistency of approach and a foundation. So, we got 230 people together in one room at our live kick off in Rome. The three big top

05 Jun: informa

Informa - Case Study Dramatic Impact on Digital Revenue
Over a sixteen month period, there was a triple digit increase in our digital revenue across the board.

Fergus Gregory

Head of Marketing Services, Informa
Fergus Gregory

informa Stats

Business Intelligence

6500 employees

Revenue : £1.1bn


increase in digital revenues

Significant ROI

Flume Sales Training Challenge

“Our challenge was to build a sales team capable of changing our clients’ mindset and approach regarding digital marketing. We wanted our sales team to help our clients build a stronger marketing mix, experience new digital opportunities, and maximise their ROI.”

Flume Sales Training Solution

“Flume listened to our challenges and goals and helped us create a vision for our sales training. They developed strong relationships with our team and aligned the solution to our culture. It was a long-term approach with training, coaching and continuous feedback. At every stage they brought in new

05 Jun: Relx

RELX - Information-based analytics and decision tools
Flume were able to get immediate buy-in from the team and the results quickly followed.

Richard O’Connor

Commercial Director, EG
Richard O'Connor - RELX - Information-based analytics and decision tools

Relx Stats

Business Information & Analytics

30,000 employees

Revenue : £7.5bn


increase in deals closed


increase in average order value

Flume Sales Training Challenge

“Taking a new product and a new way of thinking out to a traditionally conservative market, requires sophisticated salespeople. We needed winning sales approaches tailored to our marketplace that the team could implement quickly and effectively.”

Flume Sales Training Solution

“Flume’s pragmatic approach to designing and delivering training allowed us to tailor content to fit with our existing models. Working initially with our Sales Leaders and then the wider team, they have helped us to develop best-in-class approaches making the learning sustainable over time.”

Flume Sales Training Result

“The new approaches have been

05 Jun: UserZoom

UserZoom - UX Research
Flume have helped us look at sales through a different lens, with ROI that is forecastable and measurable. The effect on our bottom line has already exceeded our projections.

Kunal Pandya

Senior Director, Global Revenue Enablement at UserZoom
Kunal Pandya - UserZoom

UserZoom Events Stats

Software company

Offices in USA, UK and Spain

Successful Multinational company


increase in opportunities YOY


increase in sales velocity YOY

Flume Sales Training Challenge

“Already passionate about Sales Velocity and using data to drive strategy and investment, Kunal wanted to transform the sales enablement function into a strategic business driver. With aggressive growth plans, UserZoom’s first priority was to increase the number of sales opportunities within the business, but throwing more people at the problem was only part of the answer.”

Flume Sales Training Solution

“Flume offered a ground-b