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Health iQ
In the three months post training, our average order value has increased by 27%, giving a clear and compelling ROI.

Rebeka McClintock

Account Director, Health iQ
Rebeka McClintock - Account Director, Health iQ

Health iQ Events Stats

Data & technology solutions

40+ employees

Revenue : £5.2m


increase in average order value


deal saved

Flume Sales Training Challenge

“As a business we are seeing an increase in sales cycle length due to more involved and robust decision- making processes undertaken by our clients This includes a significant increase in the number of decision makers required to sign off a single deal. This leads not only to deals taking longer to close, but also deals getting lost during our client’s internal decision making process which we have little control over.”

Flume Sales Training Solution

“Finding a partner who could help us not only to position our offering better with prospective clients, but also to successfully navigate our clients internal decision-making process with as much control as possible was vital. Flume’s practical approach really stood out for us as it offered clear and accessible techniques that we could put into practice right away.”

Flume Sales Training Result

“We have seen real results very quickly and by using the ‘speeding up decision-making’ framework given by Flume we were able to close a £225,000 deal that I believe we may have otherwise lost. In the 3 months post-training our average order value has also increased by 27% giving a clear and compelling ROI.”

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