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SDR Star Training Course

Fuelling the funnel

getting buyers to say yes

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SDR Star Training Course: Level 1

Fuelling the funnel and getting buyers to say ‘yes’. A game-changing course that changes thinking and shifts the focus of your sales approach from day one. Learn the techniques used by the top performing SDRs to create more opportunities, higher order values, increased win rates and shorter sales cycles

Module 1: Sales Excellence: SDR Star Benchmark

The SDR’s role is to make it easy for the right buyer to say ‘yes’ to the next step. That’s getting harder as buyers become increasingly sceptical of sellers, so it’s more important than ever before to deliver a stand-out sales experience. Today’s top performing SDRs are taking a very different approach

Content & Outcomes

Your team will learn:
  • How buyer behaviour is changing
  • The tactics used by top performing SDRs
  • How they currently stack up against top performing SDRs
More opportunities. Higher average order value. Increased win rate. Shorter sales cycle

Module 2: Outreach: Connect with new prospects


Buyers aren’t sitting there waiting for your call or message. They’re busier than ever before, and they’re being bombarded by generic outreach focused on the seller’s product or service. Your team need high impact, tailored introductions if they are to consistently connect with new prospects.

Content & Outcomes

Your team will learn how to:

  • Create real value at every stage of their outreach
  • Structure powerful personalised messaging that cuts through the noise
  • Sequence multi-touch, multi-platform campaigns

More opportunities.

Module 3: Questioning and qualification

The importance of the initial conversation between buyer and seller cannot be overstated. The right prospects will only prioritise a follow up conversation or meeting if they quickly see a compelling reason to do so. The best SDRs use questioning to qualify prospects and establish a reason for them to prioritise the next step

Your team will learn how to:

  • Take control of the conversation
  • Structure their questioning
  • Accurately qualify prospects in or out


More opportunities. Higher average order value. Increased win rate. Shorter sales cycle.

Module 4: Pitching & Closing: Effectively position your offering and ensure the prospect takes the next step

Prospects hear pitches all the time and they all sound very similar. The best SDRs deliver powerful pitches that are focused on aligning the prospect with their brand and solution before leading them to prioritise and confirm the next meeting

Your team will learn how to:

  • Deliver client focused pitches
  • Share impactful customer stories
  • Ensure the right prospect says ‘yes’ to the next meeting


Increased win rate. Higher average order value.

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SDR Training Programme

SDR Training Courses

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SDR Training Courses built for Sales Development Reps (SDRs) and Outreach Teams, responsible for sourcing and developing initial leads into sales opportunities.

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