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From sales essential skills right through to advanced selling approaches and strategies, Flume sales training courses are built around you. Working with you, we put together the perfect packages to support each sales role within your organisation, based on your reps, the skills they need and your growth plans.

We offer three core sales courses from sales essential skills right through to advanced selling approaches and strategies.

<h4><strong>SALES STAR</strong></h4>


The biggest mistake a salesperson can make is to see things just from their own perspective. By stepping into the shoes of the client, we refocus approaches to make it easy for your clients to buy. We help teams create a set of easy-to-implement approaches to drive more sales by analysing what top sales professionals do differently.

The five modules in this course are:

  1. Sales excellence: The benchmark
  2. Introductions: Driving client engagement
  3. Questioning: Leading the client discussion
  4. Pitching: Making your solution stand out
  5. Speeding up decisions: Navigating the client DMP
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<h4><strong>SALES LEGEND</strong></h4>


With greater risk and complexity in decision-making, clients need a truly personalised sales approach to navigate their internal processes and overcome barriers. In this advanced programme, we add to your existing sales toolkit to help you take greater control of the sales process, leading to higher deal values and quicker conversions.

The five modules in this course are:

  1. Recap / Launch
  2. Tailoring: Personalising the conversation
  3. Storytelling: Selling with emotion
  4. Objection Handling: Avoiding and overcoming objections
  5. Powerful Proposals: Creating a watertight business case
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<h4><strong>SALES GURU</strong></h4>


Salespeople need to excel in educating clients with new ideas and persuading them they will achieve results. This requires a planned and professional approach throughout the sales process. In this top-level programme of workshops, we add to your existing sales toolkit to enable a planned and sophisticated approach to driving more sales.

The five modules in this course are:

  1. Recap / Launch
  2. Remote Selling: Delivering world class virtual experiences
  3. Social Selling: Becoming a LinkedIn extrovert
  4. Powerful presentations: Engaging your audience
  5. Assertive Negotiation: Shifting the balance of power
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Sales Leadership Courses

Sales Leadership

Great sales leaders know how to get the best performance from their team. We will help you define what great sales leadership looks like, leading to stronger performance across your teams.

The six modules in this course are:

  1. Driving sales performance – sales leadership for a changed world
  2. Coaching & Sales Innovation – your most powerful leadership tools
  3. Sales Planning – Driving best practice and effort
  4. Communicating with your team – understanding and engaging with each individual
  5. Motivating sales teams – the secret to a driven sales team
  6. Hiring the best talent – finding your next sales superstar
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Sales & Marketing Alignment Course

The most successful businesses align their sales and marketing teams. We will bring your teams together around a common purpose, leading to stronger outcomes for you and your clients.

The four modules in this course are:

  1. Sales & Marketing alignment- the new normal
  2. The right narrative
  3. Creating powerful client messaging
  4. High impact sales and marketing collateral

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Bespoke Courses

Although every course we run is bespoke to our clients we know you might need something a bit different. That’s why we review your organisation’s entire sales structure and build a bespoke package tailored to your needs and what customer facing roles you have in your business. Get in touch to day to find out more.

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– Flume sales training is created to drive ROI and deliver real ROI. We deliver sales training in the UK and globally.

“Within a month our sales team had developed over £500K of additional revenue.”
Scott Lutter, Head of Sales, Leyton UK

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