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Sales Team Training

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Sales Team Training Courses

Your salespeople are at the heart of the team. With buyer behaviours constantly changing, they need a set of skills and sales tools that will adapt to any situation or buyer. Skills that are flexible, scalable and will last throughout their sales career.

Flume’s Sales Team training courses focus around game-changing, buyer-centric sales techniques, shifting perspective by stepping into the buyer’s shoes. We help teams to change their thinking, adopt new, powerful behaviours and create a set of easy-to-implement approaches designed to drive sales, exceed KPIs and transform your bottom line.

Flume Sales Training Sales Star

In the first of our Sales Team training courses, we share what great looks like and what top sales professionals do differently. Your team will develop a set of skills and tools to drive more sales, higher order values, increased win rates and shorter sales cycles

Sales Star modules:

Flume Sales Training Sales Legend

Adding to your Sales Star toolkit, Sales Legend helps your team take even greater control of the sales process and drive their sales to the next level

Sales Legend modules:

Flume Sales Training Sales Guru

Building on the skills you have already learned, Sales Guru gives you the tools and confidence to excel. Specialist modules help to develop a planned, professional and sophisticated approach across the sales process

Sales Guru modules:

Case Study – Health iQ


As a business we are seeing an increase in sales cycle length due to more involved and robust decision- making processes undertaken by our clients This includes a significant increase in the number of decision makers required to sign off a single deal. This leads not only to deals taking longer to close, but also deals getting lost during our client’s internal decision making process which we have little control over.”


We have seen real results very quickly and by using the ‘speeding up decision-making’ framework given by Flume we were able to close a £225,000 deal that I believe we may have otherwise lost.

Health IQ - Case Study - Flume Sales Training

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Sales Training Programmes

Sales Training Programmes

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Sales Team Training Courses built for Business Development Teams (BDRs / AEs) and Sales Teams, responsible for growing business through inbound and outbound activity.

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