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Account Management Guru

AM Guru Programme

Level 3: 4 Modules

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AM Guru Programme

Building on the skills you have already learned, Account Management Guru gives you the tools and confidence to excel. Specialist modules will show you how to deliver an outstanding virtual sales experience. Learn how storytelling can drive upsell, and hone your presentation and negotiation skills to increase impact and sales

Module 1: Remote Selling: Delivering world class virtual experiencess


Selling remotely via Zoom, Teams and Hangouts is now the norm for most salespeople but it comes with its specific challenges. As clients have become more used to buying remotely, their expectation of what a great, remote sales experience looks like has grown. It’s now vital that you optimise your approach to selling via these platforms.

Content & Outcomes

Your team will learn how to:

  • Develop a checklist for delivering a best-in-class remote experience every time
  • Understand how to adapt the account management experience for remote platforms
  • Learn how to sell remotely with gravitas

A structure and approach to excel in account management in a changed world

Module 2: Teaching with stories


More than ever, customers are looking to make safe decisions. They need to trust that whatever you’re recommending is going to work. Facts, figures, and stats are good, but they don’t create the emotional response necessary for driving change. Stories are 22x more memorable than stats and figures. The right stories teach customers how to make the most out of your solution and why they should consider new opportunities.

Content & Outcomes

Your team will learn how to:

  • Learn why stories are more powerful than ever before and how they can be used to fix problems and drive upsell
  • Find out how to create stories that teach best practice and drive upsell
  • Create real stories personalised for your customers

AMs who can connect with customers on an emotional level and teach them how to maximise impact and opportunity

Module 3: Powerful presentations


Presenting is often a core component of the account management experience so nailing it is vital. With charisma, structure, and the right message you can take your customer on the right journey every time

Content & Outcomes

Your team will learn how to:

  • Explore their personal strengths and work-on areas from the customer’s perspective
  • Understand how to message and structure your presentation in a way that will make it easy for the customer to say ‘yes’
  • Learn ground-breaking techniques to dramatically improve their charisma levels

Increase the impact of every customer presentation

Module 4: Assertive Negotiation


With budgets under pressure and with huge amounts of competition, negotiation is becoming an ever more important component of the account management relationship. However, too often AMs approach negotiation in the wrong way which can result in poor outcomes.

Content & Outcomes

Your team will learn:

  • Why your customers negotiate, how to avoid it and how to adapt your approach
  • How to find out where you stack up against the strongest negotiators
  • A powerful and simple framework for planning and running your negotiations

Less negotiation, higher yields

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Selling in a tough climate - Download

Selling in a tough climate

Let’s face it, there are some challenging times ahead. Sales is going to be tough, even for the best of us. To survive, you need to give your buyers something your competitors don’t.

On a good day, 53% of why a client will choose you is the sales experience you offer. In times of uncertainty, this is greatly exaggerated. Buyers will choose the salesperson that understand their own unique challenges and can show them the way forward.

Case Study – Clarion


“Clarion recently took the steps to turbocharge and refresh its marketing approach, focusing on customer centricity to drive new customers to our shows using digital technology. We needed a unified sales approach across the company so our sales people could understand what their customers needed and how to be their most effective to maximise revenue from this new initiative.”


“We have seen double digit performance increases in our sales velocity from everyone who has attended the training with Flume and now have rollout for our successful UK model to a waiting global business.”

Clairon Events - Case Study - Flume Sales Training