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Sales Leadership Training Courses

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Sales Leadership Training Courses

Strong sales leadership is the lynchpin at the heart of any sales team. Great sales leaders know how to motivate, drive and get the best performance from their teams. But new working practices, ever more complex solutions and changes in buyer behaviour are fundamentally changing the sales leadership role.

Flume’s Sales Leadership Training Courses will show you how to transform your team. We start by defining what great looks like in a changed world, and your role as a modern manager. You will learn the secret to a driven sales team. How to coach, plan and motivate your teams. How to create your team vision and adopt and embed successful new behaviours. We will also show you how to recruit your future sales superstars – and the mistakes to avoid when hiring.

Flume Sales Training Sales Leadership Training Course

Are you ready to transform your team? To increase sales performance, retention and growth? Our six specialist sales leadership training modules will give you a flexible toolkit of techniques to create a cohesive, engaged and focused sales team, a driven sales culture and a dramatic impact on sales performance.

Sales Leadership Training Course modules:

Case Study – User Zoom

We interviewed our client Kunal Pandya to explore what challenges he faced and how we worked together to achieve some amazing, measurable results. This full case study goes into more detail on Sales Velocity and the solutions that were put into place that saw a 87% increase YOY.


“Already passionate about Sales Velocity & using data to drive strategy and investment, Kunal wanted to transform the sales enablement function into a strategic business driver. With aggressive growth plans, UserZoom’s first priority was to increase the number of sales opportunities within the business, but throwing more people at the problem was only part of the answer.”

User Zoom - Case Study

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We think differently

As behaviour change experts, we think differently. We have all been sales leaders and we understand the frustrations of traditional sales training. We know that learning must be designed to drive new behaviours and instil successful habits that will last a lifetime.

So we built Flume for sales leaders. It’s built to empower every sales rep to fulfil their potential and consistently smash their targets.

So what should you be looking for when searching for a sales training company?