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This Scorecard has been designed to help Sales Leaders identify their team’s blind spots and provide instant, actionable steps to improve performance.

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This scorecard is designed to take your average performers and turn them into high performers. Benchmarking them against the best, with advice tailored to improving your overall team performance. When taking the scorecard, think about your average team members not just your top-tier salespeople.  Get instant actionable insights into how to improve your people.

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The future of sales development - Sales training MUST deliver ROI — Demand more. Whitepaper front cover for the free download

The Future of sales development

Sales training MUST deliver ROI — Demand more.

It’s never been more important for your sales team to up their game. Clients are feeling the strain. With only 22% expected to meet their revenue goals, they are demanding more from the sales experience. Having the right approach to the development of sales teams is critical. 

Case Study – informa


“Our challenge was to build a sales team capable of changing our clients’ mindset and approach regarding digital marketing. We wanted our sales team to help our clients build a stronger marketing mix, experience new digital opportunities, and maximise their ROI.”


“On the sales floor we saw a dramatic improvement in the team’s performance. Flume ensured our sales team developed the skills to confidently sell digital. Now our clients perceive us as experts and trust us to help them succeed.”

informa - Case Study - Flume Sales Training