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Cutting-edge training development designed to drive performance in a changed world

With the expansion of remote working, today’s sales teams need new ways to learn and try out new sales approaches. Today’s sales leaders need to guarantee that any investment in training leads directly back to a tangible increase in sales performance.

Flume are obsessed with driving sales outcomes for our clients. We work with you to find the right solution based on the structure and needs of your sales teams.

Flume Training

  • Live training in-person or remote
  • Drive a consistent and sustainable sales methodology
  • Create a benchmark for sales excellence

Flume Sales Enablement

  • Platform-based learning and live action coaching
  • Drive consistently brilliant sales performance all year round
  • Cutting-edge training at your fingertips

The Flume Training Method

Easy to Measure

Built to prove ROI

We help you measure the impact of the training to prove ROI and hit the KPIs that matter.

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Game-changing Sales Approaches

Built to influence today’s buyer

We shift delegates into the mind of their client to prove what does and doesn’t work in sales today.

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Easy to Adopt & Apply

Built to stick

We embed learning quickly using approaches, templates and tools that stick.

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Some of our clients

Sales Excellence Benchmark

Mapping your approach to the client’s buying process will have a dramatic impact on your sales revenue. In this white paper we introduce CONNECT and CONTROL to Flume’s core CHANGE – CHOOSE – CHAMPION model and describe what top sales professionals are doing at each stage of the process

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