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The Sales Excellence Benchmark

Benchmarking the key behaviours of the world’s top performing salespeople.

Download our free whitepaper to find out how your team can join the best sales performers on the planet.

Explore the key behaviours of today’s top sales professionals and find out what they are doing differently at each stage of the sales process to ensure their success.

Uncover why changing your perspective and mapping your sales approach to the client’s buying process can and will have a dramatic impact on your sales revenue.

Learn about the stages of Flume’s popular ‘CHANGE, CHOOSE, CHAMPION’  ‘CONNECT’ and ‘CONTROL’ model, which will help you to convert more leads and shorten your lead times.


Learn how to turn your core performers into high performers with this whitepaper and take the sales scorecard to see how you currently measure up against the best.

Download ‘The Sales Excellence Benchmark’ Whitepaper