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The Flume Approach

Game-changing techniques

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How we work

Did you know that a staggering 87% of traditional sales training doesn’t stick? Flume training changes all that. We have cracked the code to driving sustainable sales performance improvement at every stage of the sales process. Unlike most one-day sales training, the Flume Approach gives your teams time to learn, to practise, to question and to adopt outstanding new behaviours.

Buyer-centric, value selling
The Flume Approach puts game-changing, buyer-centric, value selling techniques at the core of all its sales training programmes, putting every customer-facing rep into the heads of their buyers from first contact to closing the deal.

Built to stick
Flume’s sales training programmes are not a one-shot approach. Our 4-stage intervention technique instils long-term behavioural change that lasts far beyond the training.

Measurable ROI
Flume de-risk your purchase with end-to-end project management, continuous tracking of your team’s progress, and measurement of impact, performance and ROI. So you can be confident in achievable outcomes – and present a compelling business case to your stakeholders.

Flume Sales Training Approach

Supercharge your sales team

Buyer behaviour is always evolving. But does your sales approach? How about your training? 

Flume Sales Training Maximise Buy In

Flume Sales Training Optimise Delivery

Flume Sales Training Drive Habits

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Sales Velocity: The crucial equation powering today's best sales teams

Sales Velocity

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