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The future of sales development and training

Traditional sales training no longer works, why a new approach was needed.

What is the future of sales development? With businesses feeling the strain, only 22% expected to meet their revenue goals. It’s never been more important for your sales team to up their game – yet significant changes to buying behaviour have left many in unfamiliar territory.

Over 85% of B2B sales interactions now take place via the phone or web conferencing platforms. Despite the sales experience playing a pivotal role in the decision to buy, only 16% of buyers believe virtual sellers are skilled in making a strong ROI case. It’s essential to confront these changes head on.

This starts by looking at your current sales training and ensuring that it has a lasting impact on your sales teams and is embedded correctly so it becomes best practice.

So what are the common mistakes that most training initiatives make and what can you do to ensure you don’t make them? Download our whitepaper to find out.

Download ‘The future of sales development’ Whitepaper