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Case Study


Flume and User Zoom use Sales Velocity to increase bottom line

UserZoom - UX Research
Flume have helped us look at sales through a different lens, with ROI that is forecastable and measurable. The effect on our bottom line has already exceeded our projections.

Kunal Pandya

Senior Director, Global Revenue Enablement at UserZoom
Kunal Pandya - UserZoom

UserZoom Events Stats

Software company

Offices in USA, UK and Spain

Successful Multinational company


increase in opportunities YOY


increase in sales velocity YOY

Flume Sales Training Challenge

“Already passionate about Sales Velocity and using data to drive strategy and investment, Kunal wanted to transform the sales enablement function into a strategic business driver. With aggressive growth plans, UserZoom’s first priority was to increase the number of sales opportunities within the business, but throwing more people at the problem was only part of the answer.”

Flume Sales Training Solution

“Flume offered a ground-breaking approach to our sales training based on Sales Velocity and tailored specifically to UserZoom and its client expectations. They understood the importance of Sales Velocity and, more importantly, how to use it as a sales tool. Their bespoke, 4-step training programme has created and embedded significant behavioural and cultural change within our business.”

Flume Sales Training Result

“Flume’s approach has radically changed how our sales team think and behave. Within weeks of the training, we saw a pronounced spike in new business opportunities and a strong, continued upward trend. On the back of this one lever, Sales Velocity has increased and we have exceeded our targets.”

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Sales Velocity: The crucial equation powering today's best sales teams

Sales Velocity

The crucial equation powering today’s best sales teams

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