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The Flume Sales Scorecard | How do you measure up against the world’s best?

The Flume Sales Scorecard

Designed to transform your team into world class top performers

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The Flume Sales Scorecards are something we’ve been working on for a while and can’t wait to share with all the Sales Leaders out there. Once in a while, something astonishing comes along in the world of sales that makes you stand back and re-think. Something simple yet so effective that you wonder why everyone isn’t doing it.

The Sales Scorecard Tool

The Flume Sales Team Scorecard is just that. A simple tool that shows how you and your team measure up against the world’s best B2B sales performers. It analyses your team’s performance across 12 core sales competencies. Then – and this is the best bit – it gives you an in-depth, personalised analysis, benchmarking your team against the top performers, pinpointing areas for improvement and offering instantly actionable tips and insights tailored to your team. So you get both quick wins and long term strategies to transform every individual’s sales performance.

Why do you need a Sales Team Scorecard?

If you saw our recent post, Sales Excellence: What do top sales performers do differently?, you’ll know that only 40% of salespeople are predicted to hit target this year. That means that a staggering 60% are under-performing and failing to reach their full potential. This is not because they are poor salespeople. On the contrary – most have the aptitude, the motivation and the hunger to achieve great things. Unfortunately, the traditional sales methods sales teams are encouraged to use tend to actually make it harder for the modern buyer to say ‘yes’.

There are salespeople out there, however, who continue to thrive, putting in stand-out sales performances while others struggle. At Flume, we constantly analyse and dissect what these top performers are doing differently. As successful sales professionals ourselves, we know the sales approaches that work. We understand the best ways to work with buyers to achieve outstanding results for yourself and your clients.

Our Sales Scorecard uses all this expertise to benchmark your team against the highest performers worldwide. It identifies the gaps that stop your sales teams from winning. Then – and this is the most important bit – it gives you instantly actionable insights. It gives you the quick wins and the long term strategies, showing what you need to do to achieve consistent, measurable success and join the ranks of the top sales performers.

For more on how the top sales professionals thrive where others fail, download our free Sales Excellence Benchmark whitepaper.

Take our Sales Scorecard and get your free, personalised report

Find out how you measure up against the world’s best. The Flume Sales Team Scorecard helps Sales Leaders identify their team’s blind spots and pinpoint areas of improvement, offering immediate and actionable strategies to turn your salespeople into top performers on a global scale. It will give you

  • A comprehensive view of how your team measure up against the world’s best B2B salespeople
  • An in-depth analysis of your team’s performance across 12 core sales competencies
  • Instant actions and long term strategies to improve sales performance
  • A personalised PDF report tailored to your team

The Flume Advantage

Flume are experts in sales behaviour and behaviour change. To find out what changes you could make to propel your team into top flight sales performers, try out our free, 4-minute Sales Team Scorecard. Or if you need help to transform your sales team, your sales culture or with ongoing team development, check out our blog, follow us on LinkedIn, or book a call. We love to share.

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