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Our 5 top blogs of 2023 to help up your game in 2024

Here at Flume, our goal is to help you reach your goals. And over the past 12 months we created a bunch of great content to do just that. So, what insights resonated most with you, our audience, last year? Here are our five top blogs in 2023 – in case you missed them – to help up your game in 2024.

1. How to drive the only 4 sales KPIs that matter

What if we told you that you could not only meet your targets but totally smash them by nailing only four crucial KPIs? Well, that’s what we did in this blog post! Find out what they are, why a lot of sales approaches make things worse, and what actually works.

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2. The four levers you can pull to increase sales velocity and how to make an impact

A higher sales velocity means you’re bringing in more revenue in less time. Learn how to increase your sales velocity, including practical steps you can take to influence the process, identify what to focus on personally with a series of useful diagnostic questions.

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3. 28 Sales Acronyms used daily

We are as guilty as the rest for using acronyms and new ones come in regularly. So, we’ve gone through and provided a (hopefully) helpful glossary of 28 sales and business acronyms that we hear and use every day.

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4. The biggest mistake sales development reps make (and three things you should do instead)

At Flume, we do a lot of work with sales development reps to help them provide a stellar sales experience that keeps clients coming back for more. Here, we share some key insights into this role; including one whopping no-no many don’t even know they’re doing!

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5. The MEDDICC Sales Process: How to add structure and purpose to your sales cycle

There are lots of sales methodologies out there, and one of the most popular is MEDDICC, which allows sales teams to navigate complex sales cycles and close deals. In this blog post, we break down this process for a better understanding of how it can help you hit your quota.

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There you have it, our five top blogs of 2023 – we hope you find them useful! But don’t just stop here. According to Hubspot, the average win rate was 21% in 2023, with 54% of sales pros agreeing that selling was harder than previous years. So, with targets on the rise and becoming increasingly harder to hit, it’s about time you made some serious changes. Get in touch today to discuss your sales training, and hone your sales strategy for maximum results.

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