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Selling in a tough climate – the challenges

Whether we are about to tip over into a full-blown recession or not, there’s no escaping the fact that the next 12 months are going to be seriously challenging. Sales is going to be a tough gig, even for the best of us.

Watch on-demand our Selling in a Tough Climate webinar for Flume’s expert guide to the new challenges buyers and sellers face, common sales mistakes and advice on how to overcome them.

In the meantime, what are the challenges that sellers face and what are the new buyer behaviours causing them?

‘The seller’s challenge’

Selling when times are tough is always a challenge. Your clients are likely to be more indecisive. Sales cycles tend to be longer, and your sales velocity slows. It is fiendishly difficult to forecast accurately. However, this is when the top performers really steam ahead – because they know how to create a unique and targeted sales experience. This is what we’ll be drilling down into in our webinar so make sure you sign up.

Selling in a tough climate: New buyer behaviours

Selling is becoming more difficult because buyer behaviour is changing in five key areas:

1.    Changed priorities

The challenges buyers face today are very different from the more buoyant markets of six months ago. What they needed then is no longer relevant. They have new priorities, and they will only engage with messaging that aligns with those new priorities.

2.    Status quo bias

As buyers focus on new priorities, the prospect of change with its associated time, effort and risk becomes less appealing. It’s more tempting than ever before to decide to stick with their ‘good enough’ status quo.

3.    Indecisiveness

Buyers are more cautious and risk averse. They may want to change, but they still don’t want to be singled out for making a bad purchase. This fear of buying leads to indecision.

4.    Bigger buying committees

Buying committees are getting bigger and more senior. Decisions are under intense scrutiny. There is more scepticism and more chance of blockers and deal disrupters.

5.    Streamlining

Right now, most buyers are looking to save money, not spend it. They need to do more with less, so they’re looking to cut suppliers- even long-standing ones like you.

Watch On-Demand as we go through these new buyer behaviours before exploring common sales mistakes and the approach of top performing salespeople.

In this game-changing webinar, Raoul Monks, Founder and CEO of Flume Training, shared:

  • What is stopping buyers from engaging and committing to deals right now
  • The five pillars to sales success in 2023
  • How you stack up against the highest performers in the industry and what you can do about it

You’ll take away immediately actionable insights, based on the latest data and insights, to supercharge your pipeline, win rates and 2023 results.

Sales training that actually works

At Flume, we deliver a powerful mix of live action coaching and on-demand content to give sales teams the tools, experience and motivation to sell at the highest level in 2023 – from retaining and growing existing business to building the buyer’s confidence and inspiring those light bulb moments that provoke change.

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