Clairon Events

05 Jun: informa

Informa - Case Study Dramatic Impact on Digital Revenue
Over a sixteen month period, there was a triple digit increase in our digital revenue across the board.

Fergus Gregory

Head of Marketing Services, Informa
Fergus Gregory

informa Stats

Business Intelligence

6500 employees

Revenue : £1.1bn

05 Jun: Relx

RELX - Information-based analytics and decision tools
Flume were able to get immediate buy-in from the team and the results quickly followed.

Richard O’Connor

Commercial Director, EG
Richard O'Connor - RELX - Information-based analytics and decision tools

Relx Stats

Business Information & Analytics

30,000 employees

Revenue : £7.5bn


increase in deals closed


increase in average order value

Flume Sales Training Challenge

“Taking a new product and a new way of thinking out to a traditionally conservative market, requires sophisticated salespeople. We needed winning sales approaches tailored to our marketplace that the team could implement quickly and effectively.”

Flume Sales Training Solution

“Flume’s pragmatic approach to designing and delivering training allowed us to tailor content to fit with our existing models. Working initially with our Sales Leaders and then the wider team, they have helped us to develop best-in-class approaches making the learning sustainable over time.”

Flume Sales Training Result

“The new approaches have been

04 Apr: Clarion Events

Clarion Events - Flume Sales Training
We’ve optimised our sales engine with Flume, measuring the people training ROI all the way to the bottom line.

Susan Combrinck

Head of Sales Enablement Clarion Events
Susan Combrinck - Clairon Events

Clarion Events Stats

Live Events, Publishing & Digital Services

2500+ employees

Revenue : £350m


Growth in sales velocity YOY


increase in revenue per head YOY

Flume Sales Training Challenge

“Clarion recently took the steps to turbocharge and refresh its marketing approach, focusing on customer centricity to drive new customers to our shows using digital technology. We needed a unified sales approach across the company so our sales people could understand what their customers needed and how to be their most effective to maximise revenue from this new initiative.”

Flume Sales Training Solution

“Measuring a tangible outcome to training became our focus and Flume were the only business comfortable with measuring direct R