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Case Study

Clarion Events

Double digit performance increases

Clarion Events - Flume Sales Training
We’ve optimised our sales engine with Flume, measuring the people training ROI all the way to the bottom line.

Susan Combrinck

Head of Sales Enablement Clarion Events
Susan Combrinck - Clairon Events

Clarion Events Stats

Live Events, Publishing & Digital Services

2500+ employees

Revenue : £350m


Growth in sales velocity YOY


increase in revenue per head YOY

Flume Sales Training Challenge

“Clarion recently took the steps to turbocharge and refresh its marketing approach, focusing on customer centricity to drive new customers to our shows using digital technology. We needed a unified sales approach across the company so our sales people could understand what their customers needed and how to be their most effective to maximise revenue from this new initiative.”

Flume Sales Training Solution

“Measuring a tangible outcome to training became our focus and Flume were the only business comfortable with measuring direct ROI on their output. They matched specfic people with relevant content to drive pre-agreed KPIs, embedding change through tailored management training & creating a best in class induction programme for us.”

Flume Sales Training Result

“We have seen double digit performance increases in our sales velocity from everyone who has attended the training with Flume and now have rollout for our successful UK model to a waiting global business.”

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