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Speeding up decisions
Slow client decision making is one of the most frustrating areas of the sales process for any sales professional and high on the list of sales skills to improve for many sales managers. Prior to Covid -19 the average B2B purchase involved 6.8 decision makers. The pandemic has intensified this further, with more decision makers and higher-level decision makers getting involved due to the increased scrutiny of business spend. Sales people will often leave their customer to embark on the sell-on journey alone, when what clients actually need is support and guidance to map out the right approach; effectively utilising the influencers within their business and pre-empting concerns and resistance.
A sales person who can pro-actively help them achieve the right level of support for the solution and put a strategic plan in place will be much more likely to close the deal. Sales people who don’t have the sales skills confidence and methods to support their customers in this way, will experience too many stalled or stuck deals.
In this workshop you will:
• Explore the challenges clients face and what they need to do to drive the sell-on process forward
• Identify and pre-empt challenges within the sell-on journey, using methods to help you address these successfully
• Review best practice approaches to keep decisions moving forward and diagnose current deals that have stalled
• Plan what actions need to be taken with your different client accounts to drive on-going deals forward to completion
Outcome: Positive client decisions more quickly
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“A game-changing approach to sales, which has had a major impact on team revenue.”

Conor Barr, Recruitment Sales Manager, Haymarket Media Group


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