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With businesses under huge pressure, there are more reasons than ever before for prospects to raise objections.
Most sales people have heard every objection so many times that they ‘know’ how to come back at them. However, these are extraordinary times and client behaviour has changed so much that many of those traditional responses to objections no longer work. Today, it is more important than ever to understand what the real objection is, and what the client really means by it, so that you can help them change their outlook. This challenge is compounded by the fact that clients are under huge stress and their emotions are heightened. This has made handling objections in the wrong way much riskier as being seen as insensitive, confrontational or inauthentic right now can cause long standing damage to relationships and reputation.
Dealing with an objection in the right way – the way a client needs you to, has always been an important skill for sales people; however, these challenging times have made objection handling a core skill. One that will be the difference between a deal closing or not.
In this workshop you will:
• Learn why clients object, how to avoid them, and psychologically what they need from you to overcome them
• Develop a powerful structure to deal with any client objection
• Come away with ready-made objection handling toolkits for your most common objections
Outcome: Fewer objections and more consistency in overcoming them
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“Flume’s approaches have been fully integrated into our sales process creating a 58% increase in closed deals and an 8% increase in average order value.”

Richard O’Connor, Commercial Director, EG / RELX


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