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Why most sales training doesn’t work and what to do about it

2021 continues to be tough for many businesses and their salespeople. They are feeling the strain with only 22% expected to meet their end of year revenue goal. Buyers are also finding it tough at the moment. They have to be 100% confident that any investment will deliver results, but they are faced with lots of options from their providers – many of which sound the same. How do they choose who to buy from? It’s increasingly the experience with the salesperson that is the deciding factor, and that’s why they need sales training that actually works.

This means that salespeople need to do better than ever before. A poor sales experience just won’t cut it anymore.

Sales training that actually works should be the answer. According to BridgeGroup, continuous sales training results in 50% higher net sales per employee. However, unfortunately, most sales training simply doesn’t work. Research by Xerox shows 87% of new skills are lost within a month of sales training. With L&D budgets tight and the stakes so high, choosing the right training solution is vital.

Most training is ineffective because it fails the needs of salespeople in three core areas:

The content isn’t engaging 

Training workshops consist of outdated and poorly delivered content which has been designed for the feedback form- not for driving behaviour change.

It’s forgotten quickly 

Most training delivers too much content via one-off sessions. This makes it virtually impossible for learners to remember everything they’ve been told so it just gets forgotten, and they go straight back to doing what they did before.

The learning isn’t embedded

Sticking with the status quo is easier for salespeople so they need to be encouraged to be brave and put what they’ve learnt into practice. However, that encouragement is normally lacking- there is little personal feedback or accountability and they can’t hear or see examples of best practice so they don’t do anything differently.

Developing salespeople is hugely important right now but it’s not easy to get right. If you would like to learn more, you can download our new Whitepaper – ‘The Future of Sales Development‘ or get in touch with the team.

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