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Selling in a crisis

A simple plan to keep calm and keep selling, even during a pandemic.

In 2020 Flume devised a sales pathway and set of rules to help sales teams during the pandemic, for selling in a crisis.

This simple 1 page plan was based on our belief that the biggest mistake that sales teams can make is to look at everything from their own perspective and not the client’s, especially during times of crisis.

Sales figures will undoubtably suffer during crisis periods, but by showing empathy, being assertive and offering clients value beyond your product or service you can maintain sales and come out of a crisis with stronger client relationships than before the crisis began, giving you a faster and stronger recovery than your competition.

The plan we developed came out of the Coranvirus pandemic, but the pathway and rules could be applied to any crisis. You can download a copy of the plan here.

Download our ‘Selling in a Crisis’ Whitepaper