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Join Flume Live for an introduction to sales velocity – crucial hacks to power your pipeline

Join Flume Live for an introduction to sales velocity

Introduction to sales velocity. Sales has never been easy, and in today’s challenging economic environment there are extra hurdles in the way.  That’s why we’ve set up Flume Live to help you.  Last month we shared hints and tips for selling in a tough climate (watch the recording here) and in April we’ve got another cracking session for you.  Join us – and our special guest – to find out what sales velocity means, and how to apply it to your sales pipeline.  We’ll explain the four stages of sales velocity, and how you can use each stage as a lever to drive you over and above your sales quota.

Why is sales velocity important?

Sales velocity is a metric measuring the speed at which your company generates revenue from your sales activities.  It is *invaluable* for seeing how you are performing against targets, and to forecast future revenues.

Sales velocity matters for leaders as it can be used to improve sales processes, tweak sales strategies and make informed decisions about resource allocation.  It helps leaders set realistic sales goals, track progress, and forecast revenue accurately.

It matters for salespeople as it allows them to measure performance, identify gaps and see how and where they can improve.  It allows salespeople to adjust their strategies and prioritise where they spend time and effort. Salespeople can use sales velocity to improve productivity, close more deals, and ultimately achieve (or exceed!) targets more effectively.  Sounds good, right?!

But does it actually work?
Yes.  Absolutely.  But don’t take our word for it.  We’ll be joined by Kunal Pandya, a Global Enablement Leader, who’ll share his experience of using sales velocity.  Kunal is passionate about using data to drive strategy and investment, so it’s no surprise to hear he’s equally passionate about sales velocity.  He’ll share how he drove 87% increase in sales velocity YOY, leading to 49% increase in opportunities, and 31% increase in average opportunity size. Apply those increases to your sales achievements and 2023 will be an incredible year.

How long does it take to implement?
You’ll leave this webinar with ways to power your performance immediately – meaning this 45-minute session will impact your revenue right away.  We’ll also give each attendee a handy one-pager to refer to, ensuring long-term benefit to set you up for success for the rest of the year… and beyond.

I’m in!  What’s next?
Sign up – and bring your teams and colleagues.  We’d love to hear what you’d like to see at future webinars – drop a note to to make suggestions.

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