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“Clients don’t want to engage with me”

It’s often repeated but we need to rethink this refrain if we want to be successful engaging with customers.

Because, yes, clients don’t want to engage with you. Or your business. They don’t really care about your solutions.

Clients do want to spend their time engaging with how to achieve results and overcome challenges.

So, it becomes our challenge to deliver value through client conversations that engage clients on the things they care about. Think of it as delivering “a conversation worth paying for”.

In this post we’ll explore how to do this.

Once we step out of our shoes and into the shoes of the client, the way forward becomes clearer.

Our client’s world is probably not that dissimilar to ours. They’re worried about the future, and they might be worried about their role. They are likely asking themselves, “what on Earth am I going to do now?”

Changing our perspective and appreciating our client’s reality makes it easier to work out what’s not going to work; approaching clients as if nothing has changed and trying to pitch…

A much stronger approach is to position ourselves as someone who can help that customer work out what they need to do and why.

Importantly, this isn’t about us immediately presenting ourselves as the only answer. Rather, as salespeople, we need to recognise just how well placed we are to teach the client what they should do next.

We have a privileged, helicopter view of the entire industry. We spend our days talking to people who are just like them.

Consider your last couple of weeks. You will have probably built up or added to an already very rich picture of what is and isn’t working for clients. You will have a wealth of up-to-date insights and learning to share. If you position conversations around this goal then clients are much more likely to engage with you.

When engaging with customers, help them answer their biggest question: “What on Earth am I going to do now?”

This is a way for you to get a conversation started. In time, that conversation will hopefully lead to a sales opportunity.

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