Sales Engagement Summit – Hosted by Raoul

Our Founder and CEO, Raoul Monks was privileged to be asked to host day 2 for the Sales Engagement summit with Engage Business Media Ltd and enjoyed his stint in front of the cameras – a natural!

We heard from world-class speakers drawing upon real-life presentations of understanding the buyer journey. You can watch them free of charge here at

Key topics include:

– How to build a customer centric methodology
– How to construct a strategy revenue plan from scratch
– How to introduce video into your sales process to dramatically increase conversion rates.


💥 Sam Robinson, Director of Sales Enablement UKI & AMEA at Sage
💥 George Pastidis, Assoc CIPD, Head of Sales Enablement Programs at Ericsson
💥 Carly Lehner, Head of RevOps & Enablement at Andela
💥 Kelsie Baher Nattrass, Global Sales Enablement & Productivity at 
💥 Kate Philpot, Senior Director, Global Sales Enablement at Getty Images
💥 Roland de Wit, Director Sales Enablement at Salesforce
💥 Talita Da Silva, Account Executive EMEA at Vidyard
💥 Puja Rios Chief Revenue Officer at Adobe

Thank you to Engage Business Media Ltd for the opportunity. Can’t wait to see you live in March.

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Sales Engagement Summit – Hosted by Raoul

Business development reps (BDRs) have always been pivotal to the sales process. And while sales development and customer success reps have emerged in recent years to further improve the sales experience, BDRs remain crucial.

Business development reps are essential for getting people through the door and turning prospects into clients. But in many cases, that’s tougher than it’s ever been.

Why? Because the way buyers make decisions has totally changed and these changes are here to stay.

How do BDRs can give buyers the confidence to say yes?

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