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Tailoring client conversations
A tailored sales approach is one of the key areas to achieve sales success. *Research shows that clients expect to be disappointed by the level of personalisation they receive from salespeople, and CEB found that only 19% of buyers report trusting salespeople. With increased competition and current economic pressure, many salespeople through their behaviours and actions, translate the wrong message to buyers – displaying that they don’t understand what the buyer really cares about, or that their own agenda takes priority over a shared agenda with the buyer.
*7It’s twice as likely that a buyer will choose to buy from a salesperson if they can see the personal value to them in their role*. All too often sales success isn’t achieved, because salespeople focus on showing how their solution helps the business, rather than how it provides specific results that the client cares about. This mistake results in clients failing to see the personal value of the solution, meaning that they are not bought-in and as a result won’t have the motivation and willingness to recommend your solution to other decision makers.
Salespeople will close more deals and win more new clients if they have the skills and methods to tailor their interactions to the most critical priorities and needs of their clients.
In this workshop you will:
• Recognise the different considerations buyers will have
• Identify and plan for different contacts in your client-base
• Create specific client persona’s for different decision makers
• Learn the do’s and don’ts for a best-in-class sales experience
• Consider your current approaches and how you can have the greatest impact on these personas
Outcome: Conversations that engage clients and lead them to action
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“It was genuinely the most useful training I have received in my time at Leyton.”

Matthew Panter, Associate Manager, Leyton


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