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Selling with stories
The most effective and persuasive communicators, do something most of us only do with people we know well – they tell stories. Great sales-people don’t believe that stories are only to be reserved for our personal conversations.
The best communicators realise the power of sharing stories in the business environment. They use these stories to teach, persuade, influence and inspire their clients. They use these stories to help them sell more.
Stories are 22 times more memorable than stats and figures; our brains are hard-wired to receive information in a story format and they create an emotional connection with a salesperson or a brand that facts and figures just can’t do. This in turn builds trust. In sales, the right stories add value and offer solutions for your buyer, and that’s before you mention your product. These high value stories teach your client how to change; how to choose, potential mistakes to avoid, and ideas they haven’t considered. Using stories in this way is a skill that can be learnt and it will have an immediate impact on the success of your client conversations.
In this workshop you will:
• Explore the different types of business stories and how they each add value to your clients
• Understand the difference between an effective story that builds trust with your client and the type of ineffective stories that sales-people tend to use
• Identify the right type of story to use to overcome client objections
• Use best practice methods to deliver stories that build trust in your brand and your solution
• Apply a structure to create impactful stories for your different clients
Outcome: Improved client conversations and advanced objection handling techniques consistency
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