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With events continuing to be pushed back or cancelled altogether, events sales leaders need to find alternative sources of revenue. For many, virtual events are an obvious opportunity. Unfortunately, many events salespeople have little or no experience of selling these solutions.

Too often, salespeople fail to demonstrate the true value of virtual events and end up selling them way too cheaply- they need help quickly if they are to adapt successfully.

Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for anyone operating within an events sales or marketing role. Individuals or teams are welcome

Takeaways from this workshop:

  • Personalised feedback on your current approach to selling virtual events
  • Brand new buyer insight into what they need to hear from you and what absolutely turns them off
  • A value proposition for your virtual event
  • An instantly usable way to position the case for sponsorship, thought leadership and sales-lead packages
  • A ready-to-go tailored question set
  • A brand new framework for co-creating multi-channel campaigns
  • A toolkit to overcome client objections to virtual events



“Really good, and it definitely comes at the right time for us. Pivoting from being the event guys for the past 24 years to offering different channels has been incredibly tough, but the workshop made me realise that we have been approaching it incorrectly. We have been looking to replicate the live experience whereas we need to approach it as a completely new channel which offers a comparable but very different opportunity to the client. The workshop has given me some great takeaways to bring back to the business.”

Vice President, Sales at Questex Hospitality + Travel Group


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