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Selling in today’s market
The pandemic has changed the way that buyers buy and has rapidly accelerated trends that were already taking hold in the B2B world. Consultative selling has changed and today’s buyers are extremely risk averse, ultra-conscious that any mistakes they make could negatively impact their role. They are operating in an environment with limited resources and reduced budgets, facing more scrutiny than ever before and having to answer to more decision makers, many of which are senior individuals within their organisation. Clients are in a position where they will only consider options that are guaranteed to work for them and their business.
Today’s strongest salespeople are taking a different approach to consultative selling, they are shifting to their client’s perspective and are helping them to identify opportunities and make the best decisions for their needs and budget. For many salespeople this will require a shift in behaviour and the ability to learn new ways of working; applying their skills in different areas.
Salespeople won’t be able to get away with delivering sub-standard client experiences – poor sales skills that may have slipped through the net prior to the pandemic – won’t cut it with today’s customers. The first step for salespeople who are ready to stand out from the crowd, is to assess their own methods and behaviours against the best in the industry, this will give them the chance to focus on the areas where they can make the biggest difference to their clients and have the greatest impact on revenue.
In this workshop  you will:
• Explore how the current climate has affected B2B sales
• Identify the significant changes in the way your clients buy
• Utilise research into what top sales professionals are doing differently
• Recognise the key skills, behaviours and methods necessary for success
• Assess how you measure up against today’s top-performing salespeople
Outcome: A structure and approach to excel in sales
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“Very insightful and useful. It’s changed my approach to sales!”

Toye Kayode, Business Development Director, SmartRail


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