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Prior to this pandemic, just 27% of salespeople conducted the majority of their client interactions remotely- now that figure is 71%. Salespeople have found the transition challenging and unfortunately buyers aren’t impressed with their progress. Just 16% say that virtual sellers are skilled in making a strong ROI case*
Its vital that salespeople quickly adapt to this new environment. Its tempting to think that sales is sales but remote sales do present some significant new challenges for salespeople. For example, the structure of a remote meeting requires much more planning and preparation. It’s harder to build trust remotely and its harder to keep the client’s attention.
Underestimating the significance of the shift to remote selling and just hoping that salespeople have got it covered is a mistake. The quality of the remote sales experience will continue to impact sales revenues. It’s simply too important to leave to chance.
In this workshop you will:
  • Examine the differences and similarities between traditional and remote sales
  • Gain insight into what today’s buyers want from remote salespeople
  • Learn how to run high impact remote selling meetings
Outcome: A structure and approach to excel in remote selling
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“The remote selling course gave us lots of practical takeaways that we’ve used to improve the sales experience that we deliver for our customers. The session was also highly interactive and enjoyable- recommended!”

Lawrence Thompson, Group Sales Manager, EG Media Ltd


“Flume’s Remote Selling course has really helped us improve every aspect of how we sell over Teams. From planning, to content to body language. The virtual meeting checklist has been really helpful too.”

Rebecca Mead, Managing Director, GFC Media Group


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