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Sales Planning
Account managing is even more challenging right now. One of the critical skills for a salesperson is professionalism, this is the number one behaviour that clients look for from the sales experience – they need thought provoking conversations that provide value – a conversation that is worth paying for. In the current environment less, deals will be successful, research from *TOPO shows that 30% of respondents anticipate a pipeline shortfall of over 40%. Competition will intensify, and salespeople will need to drive increased revenue from new and existing clients, to do this effectively salespeople will need to be organised and strategic.
For the salesperson, successful account managing requires a planned, thought-out approach, using the right methods to win or grow an account. One of the main mistakes that salespeople make – which has a negative impact on the client’s perception, is a lack of preparedness. *Gartner research has found that over 80% of B2B buyers said that their sales rep wasn’t prepared for the meeting. Many salespeople are motivated and proactive at the beginning of the sales journey, however, if they have identified the wrong potential client or have failed to plan a strategy to grow existing accounts, they will struggle to drive their sales forward and maximise revenue potential.
In this workshop you will:
• Consider the importance to the salesperson and the client of a planned approach
• Explore the behaviours that deliver a structured and planned approach for the client
• Learn how to identify and find high-value potential accounts
• Utilise methods to collaborate on a growth plan with existing clients
• Work on real account plans and look at strategies for fast growth
Outcome: A more professional and structured approach to driving sales
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“Great material, great trainer, simple practical, usable actions. Also, very enjoyable & thought provoking.”

Brett Mitchell, Head of Sales, Wilmington


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