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The importance of account planning

Retaining and growing your accounts is vital in this challenging environment. For clients, being able to trust vendors and see ROI from their solutions is more important than ever; however, on average, 73% of clients leave because they are dissatisfied with service.

In this module you will:

  • Explore and understand the real lifecycle of a client relationship
  • Understand your client’s different marketplaces and explore strategies to infiltrate and expand within them
  • Create a benchmark for accelerating relationships towards ‘loyal client’ and away from ‘former client’

Outcome: A more professional and structured approach to retaining and growing accounts

Maximising client retention

You need to be confident that you can retain accounts before concentrating on growing them. The strongest account managers make it easy for clients to choose to continue the relationship by agreeing and achieving clear goals.

In this module you will:

  • Creating processes to dramatically increase client trust levels
  • How to drive powerful client brainstorms
  • How to manage expectations and deal with poor performance

Outcome: Improved client retention and reduced churn

Creating your client growth plan

Your client’s business is a marketplace within which you want to expand and become a leader. Identifying areas of potential that are most beneficial for both you and your client is key to account growth; however, most account managers never slow down and take the time necessary to grow accounts.

In this module you will:

  • How to identify the right opportunities for client growth
  • Creating and using client insight to build your strategy
  • How to create and communicate real value to your client

Outcome: A powerful approach for growing accounts

How to grow your stakeholder network

The key to client growth is strengthening relationships with the most important stakeholders, however, most salespeople rely on a single relationship with a ‘decision-maker’.

In this module you will:

  • Why and how to map client stakeholders to help you build your network
  • How to assess your relationship and influence levels
  • Identifying and working with key influencers

Outcome: A strategy for forming and strengthening the most important stakeholder relationships

How to become the trusted advisor

Whether your client sees you as just a vendor or a trusted advisor will have a dramatic effect on the strength of the relationship, and, ultimately what they will buy from you.

In this module, we will explore:

In this module, we will explore:

• Your client’s perception of your current relationship and how to move to being seen as a ‘trusted advisor’
• How to identify unknown needs
• Conversation templates for different parts of the client life cycle

Outcome: Improved, higher yielding relationships with clients

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