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Proposal Writing course
A salesperson’s role isn’t just about knowing how to sell to their buyer, its equally important to know how to help your initial buyer sell-on to all the other stakeholders within their business, if the deal is to be a success. The pandemic has changed the decision-making landscape, making this sell-on journey even more risky and complex for the buyer and increasing the need for the seller to prioritise and support this key point in the sales journey.
*Over 80% of customers voiced uncertainty in their own ability to manage change and navigate the sell-on journey. This is un-surprising when you consider that there could be as many as 20 decision makers and due to recent economic pressures, more senior stakeholders are more involved in every buying decision.
Even prior to the pandemic ** Buyers had an average of 6 tasks to complete before making a purchase. Many salespeople, like their buyers, don’t appreciate the steps that are necessary for a proposal to pass through a business and receive a final sign-off.
The majority of salespeople fall short in two areas; firstly, their proposal doesn’t address fundamental questions that the buying group need it to answer, and secondly, they don’t put the right plans in place to support their buyer in how to sell to the other stakeholders.
* Gartner, B2B Buying Journey
**Gartner, Insights for the C-Suite
In this workshop you will:
• Demonstrate a new understanding of the sell-on process

• Explore the journey a proposal takes through your client’s business

• Identify the fundamental objectives of a proposal for the wider decision-making group

• Critique strong and weak proposals; identifying up-to-the minute best practice methods

• Create a unique and incredibly powerful structure for your proposals which you can use instantly

Outcome: Higher quality proposals which speed up decisions
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Jeff Cousens, Head of Sales, Spidersnet


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