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Effective communication skills are fundamental in selling. Presentation skills are one of the top areas to get right. The current climate dictates that presentation skills need to be extremely strong, they also need to transfer seamlessly to the virtual world. This crucial skill is often given a small amount of attention or even overlooked when a salesperson is new to the profession. If salespeople progress to working with larger clients, without the opportunity to sharpen this skillset, they could be performing sub-optimally in an increasingly competitive environment.
77% of B2B buyers said that their latest purchase was difficult. Seller presentations can positively impact the buyer experience, affecting whether or not the salesperson’s information and delivery, makes a buyer prioritise working with them. Salespeople who are supported to improve their presentation skills and the content and delivery of their presentations, will increase their profile as well as their pipeline.
In this workshop you will:
  • Explore what makes a winning presentation for your client
  • Identify the right strategies to use when structuring, messaging and delivering your presentation
  • Receive quick methods to critique every presentation before it gets to your buyer
  • Assess your personal strengths and work on areas from the client’s perspective
  • Learn ground breaking techniques to dramatically improve your charisma
Outcome: Strong personal impact on clients
More resources: Look at the range of videos we have to help with your learning or read more insights at https://www.gartner.com/en/sales/insights/b2b-buying-journey
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“I really enjoyed the training. The content was eye-opening and enjoyable.”

James Ashton, Account Manager, Virgin Incentives


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