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Multi-Channel Introductions
In the last six months clients have become busier than ever and their communication habits and expectations have changed significantly. Client introductions are a key part of essential sales skills, but getting it right is tough for sales people right now. Buyers have more sales people trying to speak to them than ever before, via more channels. They are often bombarded and this is making them more averse to ‘cold’ generic introductions. *53% of the reason a client chooses to buy is based on the sales experience, so using new channels to communicate with prospective clients is not enough, the experience a client has of you and your brand begins with your introduction, and most sales people fail to stand out from the crowd. In order for customers to prioritise giving their time to a sales person, the introduction has to deliver something valuable and different.
In order to achieve at this essential sales skill, sales people need to understand the real purpose of the client introduction. This requires a mind-set shift and an understanding of their objectives and the right communication approach for their clients
In this workshop you will:
• Explore the real (and surprising) objective of client introductions
• Identify why so many sales people fail at the introduction stage
• Critique introductions via multiple channels against best practice methods
• Create the perfect introduction your client needs from you
• Adapt and deliver the right approach for different methods of communication
Outcome: Clients prioritise your conversation over others
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“Within a month of working with Flume, our sales team had developed over £500K of additional revenue. We’ve also seen a 10% increase in average order value. With such high impact we plan to involve them across the entire organisation.”

James Swift, Director of Talent Development, Leyton UK


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