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Insight Selling
In today’s data rich world, a salesperson’s influencing skills need to be more refined than ever. Clients rely heavily on meaningful insights to make their decisions; however, the reality is that many clients just don’t know, what they don’t know. On top of this, a client’s decision-making process becomes even more difficult when they hear the same type of generic insight from every salesperson, often back-firing for salespeople as clients become more reluctant to make a decision.
If a salesperson is to stand out from the competition, they need strong influencing skills, and this begins with the realisation that a client’s main goal is to get results. For client’s, the pressure of making a decision in the first place, let alone making the wrong one, presents a real risk.
Salespeople need the skills to instil confidence in their clients and any insight they provide must compel their clients to take action. Many salespeople lead with their product and solution, rather than using insight that will naturally lead a client to their solution. Sharing product focused, low value insights that don’t teach the client anything new, disengages them and reduces their confidence in the sales experience. Successful sales people remember that the client is focused on their own results, and they have the skills to provide valuable, strategic insight, which helps clients justify a decision to other stakeholders.
In this workshop you will:
• Identify how insights can influence client decisions
• Learn the types of insights that are most valuable to your clients
• Frame insights so that they have the greatest impact on your client conversations
• Understand how to structure your insight delivery to change client behaviour and beliefs
• Plan how to use insights to strengthen your business case
Outcome: Provide a sales conversation worth paying for in itself
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“Fantastic session. Clear, actionable changes that can be implemented immediately!”

Stephen Young, Senior Membership Development, The Drum


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