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Why and how big companies are different
In today’s changed market place, different strategies are needed to infiltrate big accounts.
In this module, we will explore:
• Understand why potential key accounts rarely respond
• Understand your client’s different marketplaces and identify strategies to infiltrate them
• Create a benchmark to accelerate relationships from ‘prospect’ to ‘loyal client’
Outcome: A more professional and structured approach for identifying and infiltrating key accounts
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How to identify and plan for the ‘right’ company
Not all big companies are the same. Knowing who to focus on and how to approach them is key to getting traction in their business.
In this module, we will explore:
• How to identify the right opportunities with the greatest potential for growth
• Creating and using client insight to build your strategy
• How to create and communicate real value to your client
Outcome: A clear approach for key account planning
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Understanding stakeholders and how to connect with them
Understanding key stakeholders and communicating with them in the right way is key to breaking into big new companies and ultimately growing accounts.
In this module, we will explore:
• Building stakeholder maps
• How to assess your relationship and level of influence
• How to identify and work with key influencers
Outcome: A powerful approach for identifying and communicating with stakeholders
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How to run strategic conversations that add real value
Big clients will demand real value from every interaction they have with you. Your conversations will define how they perceive you, and, ultimately how much they invest with you.
In this module, we will explore:
• How to form a ‘trusted advisor’ relationship
• How to identify unknown needs
• Conversation templates for different parts of the client life cycle
Outcome: A strategy for forming and retaining strong client relationships
How to convince big clients of the results they will achieve
For a big company to start working with you they need to be convinced of the results they will see from the relationship. The strongest salespeople put the setting and achievement of specific goals at the front and centre of their approach.
In this module, we will explore:
• Creating processes to dramatically increase client confidence and trust

• How to drive powerful client brainstorms

• How to manage expectations and deal with poor performance

Outcome: A results-based approach for breaking into big companies
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“Very informative and engaging. Excellent trainer, excellent content and excellent overall”

George O’Grady, Business Development Manager, Pendragon International Media Ltd


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