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Prior to Covid, over 40% of sales people* said their pipeline in sales is one of their top challenges. This has been magnified since the pandemic; businesses are experiencing significant changes and clients are busier and more risk averse as a result. Sales people need the confidence and skills to adapt to this unique situation, they can’t rely on traditional ways for their pipeline to be filled. Salespeople can still successfully fill their pipeline, but they need to be changing their behaviours.
This brand-new, virtual workshop will help sales executives to draw on up-to-the-minute research into buyer and seller behaviour to share new tips and tools for generating their sales pipeline. Let’s start filling those pipelines back up.
Who should attend?
These workshops are suitable for anyone operating within a B2B sales or marketing role
Individuals or teams are welcome
In this workshop you will:
  • Gain a cutting-edge process for finding the highest quality potential leads
  • Access a powerful methodology for connecting with specific client personas
  • An instantly useable template for designing introductions that your client will respond to
  • An intuitive and proven model for creating a stand-out value proposition
  • A game-changing process for driving their pipeline in sales through LinkedIn
  • What top performers do to fill their pipeline and convert new clients
Outcome: Quality leads and a healthy pipeline.
Learn more: Read our blog on how to fill your pipeline and follow us for up-to-date insights on our LinkedIn page.
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* https://artesian.co/resources/priorities-for-sales-leaders-in-2018/



It was a great session, validating a ton of the work that we are currently doing . Great points around strengthening the buyer persona and this course really hit home.

John Combs


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