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Co-creating Solutions
80% of B2B buyers* voiced uncertainty in their ability to manage and navigate the change involved in a multiple stakeholder purchase. The pandemic has made the buying journey even more complex and high risk for buyers, so any solution that a buyer is willing to sell on internally, will have to be a solution that they have co-created with the sales person. Many sales people will put in the hard work and effort at the beginning of the sale when they hear that initial yes from a customer, however only a few sales people know how to ensure that the buyer has taken an active role in tailoring the solution to the specific results they need.
Creating shared ownership makes it 10x more likely that a client will buy from you**. If a sales person doesn’t have the skills to effectively collaborate at the start, and throughout the buying process, the deal is likely to stall and fail further down the line. Without ownership of the solution, any initial motivation a customer has will be lost once the sell on becomes more involved.
It’s now more important than ever that sales people have the confidence and skills to actively influence the ‘sell-on’ journey with their client
*Gartner, 5 ways the future of B2B buying will re-write the rules of effective selling
** CEB, The Challenger Sale
In this workshop you will:
• Understand what makes one recommendation deliver results over another
• Explore the behaviours that result in the success of co-creation
• Learn a framework for co-creating recommendations
• Identify how to support the justification of the decision to all stakeholders
• Learn how to run effective creative discussions
Outcome: Greater buy-in to recommendations from clients
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