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It’s unsurprising that the first quarter of 2020 has seen a reduction in B2B deals. Generating new business is really hard right now, so the pressure to close existing opportunities is huge. Gone are the days of relying on closing questions. The sign off process has become tougher and more complex for buyers. Even before the pandemic, only 8% of salespeople closed 80% of deals. Salespeople will need to have really strong closing skills to stand a chance of closing existing opportunities. This is not about getting the ‘right’ closing questions, it’s about forward-looking salespeople having the skills to step back, assess their old routes to a close and examine what they need to do differently now. This is changing what ‘closing’ looks like. We need a new approach.
In this brand-new, virtual workshop, Flume draw on up-to-the-minute research into buyer and seller behaviour to share new tips and tools for moving your opportunities towards ‘closed, won’.
Who should attend?
These workshops are suitable for anyone operating within a B2B sales or marketing role
Individuals or teams are welcome
In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Gain buy-in from the most influential client contacts
  • Review best practice steps for closing deals
  • Consider the steps of the buyer journey, identifying common mistakes, new methods and quick wins
  • Confidently lead your client through the buying process to a successful close
  • Proactively share toolkits that make it easy for your client to sell-on and speed-up decisions
Outcome: More deals closed and more quickly
More resources: Look at the range of videos we have to help with your learning or read more insights at https://www.beauhurst.com/blog/effect-of-coronavirus-uk-investment-q1-2020/
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“I really enjoyed the training. The content was eye-opening and enjoyable.”

James Ashton, Account Manager, Virgin Incentives


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