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Assertive Selling course
Natural communication between a salesperson and a client, sometimes results in both parties not achieving their goals and objectives. Even a salesperson with the strongest of skillsets can let their natural communication habits hold them back. Often, salespeople are not aware of the impact of their behaviour and communications on their client.
In the current climate, clients are ultra-sensitive to a salesperson’s approach and are lacking in confidence. Assertiveness is crucial throughout the sales journey. Salespeople will need to persuade clients that any decisions they make are safe decisions that will give them the results they need.
Salespeople will also need the skills to assess the balance of power between themselves and their clients, understanding which behaviours build trusting client relationships and how they can modify their perception and utilise verbal and non-verbal communication to instil confidence in the client and proactively move the sale through to the close.
In this workshop you will:
• Identify your own level of assertiveness and natural communication habits
• Assess the current impact you have in client interactions and identify work-on areas
• Explore the balance of power between client and salesperson to effectively address client needs
• Learn the most powerful and influential ways to be assertive in your sales conversations
• Create powerful ways to control the conversation and close
Outcome: Stronger control of the sales conversation and closing process
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