Why traditional sales training doesn’t work

What does sales training mean to you?

We’ve all been there. It’s the annual sales training day. A grand day out, a chance to catch up with colleagues, plenty of food and drink, and all we have to do is sit through a couple of presentations, take part in a group activity and fill in a questionnaire. Then tomorrow, it’s back to the office and it’s back to business as usual. Sound familiar?

We’ve learned what the company goals are and the next year’s strategy. We might even have been inspired to try some new ideas and sales techniques – but within a month or so, we don’t remember most of what we heard. That’s because 87% of sales training is forgotten without training or reinforcement (Xerox). The shine has worn off and we revert back to what we know and what we’ve always done. It’s familiar, it’s comfortable and we know what we’re doing.

There is so much riding on this sales training day and no company can afford to invest so much for such little return. Sales training needs a revamp – and that’s where a different way of thinking comes in.

There is a better way

All it takes is a change in thinking – and you could transform your sales team, their commitment and performance and, ultimately, your bottom line. We train differently because we think differently. And our sales training works!

Our free download, We think differently, takes you through some of the shortcomings of traditional sales training and how we approach things from a different angle, embedding real and lasting behaviour change that will empower every sales rep in your organisation to consistently smash their targets.

Built by sales leaders for sales leaders

At Flume, we have all been sales leaders and we understand the frustrations of traditional sales training. That’s why every sales training programme we build is designed to make you think differently, to drive new behaviours and instil successful habits that will last a lifetime. Flume training is buyer-centric. We approach everything from the buyer’s perspective, focusing on what matters to them, making it easier for them to commit to purchase.

You deserve more from your sales training

Traditional sales training methods aren’t fit for purpose in today’s busy, virtual and blended world, not to mention the tough economic climate. We touch on just a few of them below but make sure you check out the We think differently download for even more info. When you are planning your next sales training event, don’t sell yourself and your company short. You deserve – and should expect – so much more from your sales training.

Why is it so much harder right now?

Buying is tougher than ever.  Been ghosted recently? You aren’t alone.  53% of deals end in inaction.
Most sales reps make buying even harder.  85% of prospects are dissatisfied with their sales experience.
Most sales training doesn’t work.  87% of sales training is forgotten within 30 days without reinforcement and coaching.

It’s harder because we are dealing with a mature, cynical market. Your prospects receive so many approaches, they think they’ve heard it all. To be heard above all that noise, you have to stand out amongst all the other, traditionally-trained reps. Your sales training has to be evergreen, teaching you how to adapt to an ever-changing market.

Traditional sales training vs Flume sales training

Let’s go back to our sales training day. How many times have you ever learned anything after just one repetition? Why do we do so much revision for exams? Why do advertisers repeat the same ads over and over? Because we need sustained repetition to fix those ideas in our heads. And at Flume, we use sustained repetition and constant reinforcement of what we teach allowing 4 weeks per module so that our training sticks. And we do it in a whole variety of different ways to make sure every learner is engaged.

The traditional training model is broken

Time to take action

There has never been a more critical time to ramp up your sales training. For your teams to stand out, they need to be doing things differently. And this means thinking differently. To find out how we think (and the huge difference it makes) take a few moments to check out our blog. It’s packed with ideas, advice and hacks to revolutionise your thinking, your sales culture and your bottom line.

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Why traditional sales training doesn’t work

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