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New Year, new rules. How to deliver sales training that actually works!

At Flume, we got a bit fed up of our website last year. Yes, it was nice. Yes, it was friendly. Yes, it gave a lot of information. But it didn’t show our clients which training course was best for their sales team.

What’s more, we hadn’t thought about our messaging from the most important person’s point of view…our client’s.

With the New Year coming we decided to change. You see, we had spent the past 18 months driven by one question:

How can you deliver sales training that drives ROI? That gets tangible results?

We regularly speak to Sales Directors outside of our own clients and ask them about their experiences with other training companies. Many are fed up!

Fed up of sales training that is forgotten come Monday morning. Fed up of sales courses that regurgitate old, outdated material. Fed up of training that doesn’t impact results.

We knew our own clients were very happy with the training we were doing, but we knew that if we could also make it easier to measure and prove the results, then they would be even happier. Plus, we knew it would also help us to gain more clients.

We realised that most sales training was not doing what Sales Directors needed it to and so we have re-engineered our sales programmes as a Sales Director would – we have made it easy to both drive and prove results back in their business.

Choosing the best sales course for your team

After 18 months researching, creating benchmarks and delivering powerful sales training, we came to a simple conclusion. If you want to deliver challenging, insightful and impactful sales training, you have to have a laser-sharp focus on these three areas:

1. Easy to measure results

First, work out how your team are currently performing, using measurable data. Then work out where you want them to be. Benchmark performance, find out where they are weakest and train skills in these areas. Track improvement over time and you will clearly see the return on your investment.

2. Game-changing approaches

Today’s clients buy in a completely different way to a few years ago. Sales is no longer about cosy one-to-one relationships between the salesperson and buyer. Most buyers now have to justify their purchasing decision to 5.8 other stakeholders. The way you train your team has to reflect this. Ditch the outdated sales training material and deliver new innovative ideas.

3. Easy to embed learning

87% of training insights are lost within a month if there is no on-the-job reinforcement. However, if the training on sales courses is combined with ongoing coaching and learning, results are four times better. Don’t give your team a ‘one-hit sales training’ they will forget. Instead, drip-feed them insight and help them embed learning into habits.

We have transformed our ideas about what training can do. We believe you deserve and should expect more from sales training. We have revolutionised our sales training. We have launched our new brand.

Now our website does what it needs to do.

Just like a great salesperson, it shows our clients what they want: how they will achieve results.

Now the New Year is here, and to drive sales success, you may need to transform your approaches.

If you choose a sales course with impact, they will perform with impact.

And you will turbocharge their results for the New Year.

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