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What is advertising innovation?

Back in April this year, Flume won a Media Innovation Award presented at the Information Industry Network conference. Despite having also hosted a panel discussion on the topic of advertising innovation and written an article on the subject, time has flown by without a mere mention of it on our blog! So below is a shorter version of the article, with a link to the full article at the bottom of the post if you are keen to read more!

Defining innovation in advertising

Innovation has many definitions but “significant positive change” is probably the most succinct one we have come across. However is innovation in advertising really about new rich media, the latest app or widget? Some technologies deliver such change for advertisers, but for every game-changing ad technology innovation, there will be hundreds of others that don’t quite hit the mark.

The real innovation

Much of the technology in the market simply creates noise – a distraction from the real innovation that is (or should be) going on behind the scenes. Innovation in advertising is more fundamentally about how media businesses approach the way they work with clients. With the demands of the modern marketer changing and B2B buying habits shifting dramatically, media teams need to be very innovative in the way they engage their clients. Without “significant positive change” in this area, some media businesses are in danger of being left behind.

Sales innovation…

Below are three ways you should be innovating your sales approach with clients.

1) You have the insights – use them!

Media content and marketing teams have the data and insights, the audience interactions, and the depth of understanding that their clients would love to access. Using this knowledge and information in the sales process is a vital step to take.

2) Message versus platform

The second way media teams can innovate is by helping clients to get their advertising messages right. As new technology inevitably adds more platforms for media teams to sell, a focus on helping clients integrate campaigns around a message, will enable sales teams to move away from the “features and functions” pitch that turns clients off – and allow them to truly innovate their approach with clients.

3) Focus on your client’s customer

By focusing on your client’s customer (your audience) you can become the indispensable ‘marketing consultant’ in the eyes of your client. You can become the person who truly understands how their customers buy and how to reach them in the best possible way. You can have conversations with clients that are literally worth paying for in their own right.

Consider these points and clients will treat you in a very different way to the media companies who continue to follow a more traditional approach to sales.

You can read the full article here.

P.S. This is what the lovely judges said about our Award win!

“This small organisation seem intent on single-handedly revolutionising the way the whole media industry approaches advertising sales. Flume are re-imagining old-school sales for the 21st century”.


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