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Selling in a Changed World

Coronavirus has completely changed audience and buyer behaviour and in turn that’s changing the experience that sales people need to deliver. Sales has just got even harder.    

The sales experience has become the most important factor when buyers are choosing suppliers, and what constitutes a ‘great sales experience’ is fundamentally changing. Knowing what great selling looks like in this changed world is vital for success.

We offer three sales programmes from sales essential skills right through to advanced selling approaches and strategies.

<h4><strong>SALES STAR</strong></h4>


The biggest mistake a salesperson can make is to see things from their perspective. By stepping into the shoes of your client, we refocus your sales approach to make it easy for your clients to buy. By breaking down what top sales professionals do differently to influence clients, we create a set of easy-to-implement approaches to help you drive more sales.

The six modules in this programme are:

  1. Today’s buyers & sellers
  2. Introductions: Driving client engagement
  3. Questioning: Leading the client discussions
  4. Pitching: Making your solution stand out
  5. Proposals: Co-creating a water-tight business case
  6. Selling and closing with assertiveness
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<h4><strong>SALES LEGEND</strong></h4>


With greater risk and complexity in decision-making, clients need a truly personalised sales approach to navigate their internal processes and overcome barriers. In this advanced programme, we add to your existing sales toolkit to help you take greater control of the sales process, leading to higher deal values and quicker conversions.

The six modules in this programme are:

  1. Sales Excellence Recap
  2. Tailoring your conversation
  3. Selling with stories
  4. Co-creating recommendations
  5. Speeding up decisions
  6. Assertive Objection Handling
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<h4><strong>SALES GURU</strong></h4>


Salespeople need to excel in educating clients with new ideas and persuading them they will achieve results. This requires a planned and professional approach throughout the sales process. In this top-level programme of workshops, we add to your existing sales toolkit to enable a planned and sophisticated approach to driving more sales.

The six modules in this programme are:

  1. Sales Excellence Recap
  2. Planning client interactions
  3. Insight selling
  4. Presenting with charisma
  5. Retaining and growing accounts
  6. Assertive Negotiation
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Retaining & growing accounts

The next 12 months are going to be incredibly difficult for most sales teams- hitting target is going to be tough. Where’s the money going to come from? Existing accounts are the obvious place to start. The traditional approach has been simple: provide a solution that works, deliver great customer service and your accounts will grow organically. However, clients are changing, so retaining accounts, let alone growing them, is crucial and more difficult than before.

The five modules in this programme are:

  1. The importance of account planning
  2. How to retain loyal clients
  3. Creating your client growth plan
  4. How to grow your stakeholder network
  5. How to become the trusted advisor
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Breaking into big companies

It’s harder than ever to secure new business, so the ability to identify, open up and win large accounts with significant scope for growth is a vital skill for today’s sales teams. The trouble is that really big businesses are often made up of multiple brands, numerous divisions and many hundreds of potential contacts.

Breaking into them can be a confusing and intimidating prospect. Salespeople need a clear and powerful process for overcoming this challenge.

The five modules in this programme are:

  1. Why and how big companies are different
  2. How to identify and plan for the ‘right’ company
  3. Understanding stakeholders and how to connect with them
  4. How to run strategic conversations that add real value
  5. How to convince big clients of the results they will achieve

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Selling Digital Solutions

Buyers need to engage with your audience and they have traditionally done that via an array of marketing channels including face-to-face events and traditional media. However, many of those channels are currently either unavailable or their effectiveness has been severely compromised. Digital marketing touch points have just become even more important.

Many salespeople have little or no experience of selling digital – they need help quickly if they are to adapt successfully.

The five modules in this programme are:

  1. Digital sales excellence defined
  2. Understanding the multi-channel buying journey
  3. Digital sales skills (part 1)
  4. Digital sales skills (part 2)
  5. Co-creating multi-channel solutions
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Bespoke Programmes

Although every programme we run is bespoke to our clients we know you might need something a bit different. That’s why we review your organisation’s entire sales structure and build a bespoke package tailored to your needs. Get in touch to day to find out more.

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