It used to be that once the customer said “yes”, you just sent over the proposal and waited for the signature. It’s not like that anymore. Proposals seem to disappear into the ether and salespeople have little idea if or when clients will respond.

Why is that?

Research from the CEB shows that there are now 6.8 stakeholders involved in every B2B buying decision. That’s an additional 5.8 people who will need to see your proposal; and, ultimately, an additional 5.8 people that can decide they don’t like it. Being able to write killer proposals is more important than ever before.

The Writing Sales Proposals Course is aimed at sales people and sales leaders of all levels. We explore how proposals can win you more business; how you can reduce the time you spend producing them; and how to avoid the mistakes that result in 90% of proposals failing to do their job.

Timing and delivery:

This course is ideally set out over one day.

The session is delivered using a combination of discussion and presentation and culminates in the analysis and editing of a real proposal.



  • Review of your current proposal from the client perspective
  • The purpose of a sales proposal
  • Writing styles
  • Delivery methods
  • Creating your proposal – an eight-point plan
  • Presentation & design
  • Editing your proposal
  • Presenting your proposal

  • Reduce the time spent writing proposals
  • Increase the open rates of proposals
  • Dramatically improve proposal conversion rates
  • Set clear goals for every proposal
  • Develop clear, well-structured proposals
  • Create fully client centric proposals
  • Develop compelling, memorable content for all decision makers
  • Each learner will come away from the course having written or re-written a live proposal
Templates & take-aways
  • Game-changing proposal template


You know that selling is more difficult than it used to be and you want to understand why. You’re keen to learn new approaches and put them into action.
Enquire now to change the way you sell forever. Become a sales winner.

Sales Managers / Directors
You recognise that traditional sales techniques have become less effective and you want to find an alternative. You want to improve your own knowledge as well as the performance of your salespeople.
Enquire now to learn what today’s most effective sales professionals are doing differently. Supercharge the performance of your team.

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We are experienced trainers but we are also salespeople. We believe in the Flume approach and we use it ourselves every day. We pride ourselves in our content, style and delivery and we get great feedback from our clients and delegates.

We love seeing sales teams win and go over and above to support and embed the learning to this end.