This course helps sales and marketing teams in the media industry maximise sponsorship revenue from events & conferences. Through a combination of research, best practice, and the exploration of your client’s perspective & that of your client’s customers, we will help you create an approach to sponsorship sales that will achieve the greatest results for you and your clients.

Timing and delivery:

This course is ideally set out over one day or part of a wider programme.



This interactive course will vary depending on your requirements, but as a guide, we will often cover these core areas:
What is Sponsorship?
  • Comparing definitions
  • How does this fit within the wider marketing mix for the client?
Main client motivations for sponsorship
  • What does sponsorship allow the client to do?
  • Understanding brand values of the client
Examining the latest sponsorship trends
  • What are clients looking for sponsorship to achieve?
Stepping into the mind of your client’s client
  • How do they buy and what impact will sponsorship have?
How do you currently approach sponsorship?
  • What works and what doesn’t?
  • How do you identify the right prospects?
  • How do you run the conversation with clients?
  • What sort of packages do you use?
  • How are you measuring success?
Creating a new approach
  • Creating effective sponsorship packages
  • Creating impact with clients
  • Measuring success – ROI and ROO for sponsorship
  • Identify the right prospects

As a result of attending this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand why association/branding is important to buyers and how this fits into a buying cycle
  • Identify target clients who have the necessary objectives for event sponsorship
  • Take into account the possible tensions between sponsor value and delegate value
  • Generate creative and valuable sponsorship ideas
  • Differentiate and communicate the benefits for different types of sponsorship
  • Develop creative and compelling sponsorship packages that align to client objectives
  • Utilise the right language for sponsorship opportunities to engage and interest clients
  • Deal with objections, particularly in terms of pricing and timing

Sales directors, Sales managers, Key Account Managers, Field Sales, Telesales

We can deliver this course at your office for your whole team as a stand-alone course or as part of a broader programme. Please contact us for an initial discussion about how this can work best for you.

Alternatively, we will be putting on open courses based on demand. Please contact us to provisionally book your space.

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We are experienced trainers but we are also salespeople. We believe in the Flume approach and we use it ourselves every day. We pride ourselves in our content, style and delivery and we get great feedback from our clients and delegates.

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