Speeding up decisions course

Even small purchasing decisions are taking longer and longer these days. With more decision makers involved and more to lose by making a bad decision, clients are becoming increasingly cautious. It is imperative that sales people do everything possible to obtain a ‘yes’, not a ‘maybe’, as soon as possible. This course explores the barriers created by sales people that block quick decisions and introduces a very powerful approach to helping the client say yes more quickly.

Course content

This interactive course will vary depending on your requirements, but as a guide, we will often cover these core areas:

  • A deeper appreciation of your client
  • Understanding what prevents or slow down client decisions
  • Building up value and strengthening relationships
  • Considering client processes
  • Establishing the decision making process
  • Questioning techniques to speed up decisions
  • Influencing techniques
  • Follow-up including emails and proposals


As a result of attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Speed up and improve sales conversion rates
  • Appreciate the clients decision making process and the barriers that block it
  • Implement powerful techniques to encourage quick decisions
  • Produce more accurate sales pipelines
  • Reduce wasted time chasing clients for an answer
  • Dramatically reduce the level of “maybes” you receive

Who should attend?

Sales directors, Sales managers, Key Account Managers, Field Sales, Telesales.

We can deliver this course at your office for your whole team as a stand-alone course or as part of a broader programme. Please contact us for an initial discussion about how this can work best for you.

Alternatively, we will be putting on open courses based on demand. Please contact us to provisionally book your space.


This course is ideally set out over one day.

Next Steps

Please get in touch to find out how we can make this course bespoke to you and your business.