Selling Digital Advertising course

The rise of digital is changing the way audiences consume media and the way clients buy media. At the same time, media businesses are constantly adapting to provide new digital channels to generate advertising and sponsorship revenue. This course focuses on these shifts in order to arm sales teams and individuals with an approach that suits today’s fast-changing digital market-place.

Course content

This interactive course will vary depending on your requirements, but as a guide, we will often cover these core areas:

The digital landscape

  • The changing media market-place
  • Understanding online advertising
  • The language and terminology
  • The importance of measurement

Raising the value of your digital products

  • What are we really selling?
  • Differentiating your digital products
  • Selling a portfolio of online and offline solutions

Understanding the client

  • Today’s decision-makers
  • Identifying buy-in levels for your digital solutions
  • Moving digital detractors to digital supporters
  • Educating clients on digital opportunities

The sales approach

  • Building an approach for selling digital solutions
  • Building digital propositions
  • Simplifying digital sales for the customer
  • Measurement tools and delivering ROI/ROO

Closing and objection handling


As a result of attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Adapt your sales approach to suit today’s digital market-place
  • Be conversant in digital language and terminology
  • Simplify digital terminology for the benefit of you and your clients
  • Identify client buy-in for digital and plan accordingly for different sales interactions
  • Utilise a sales approach for the digital world
  • Create a client-focused pitch that avoids using digital jargon
  • Create digital sales packages that clients want to buy
  • Increase revenue through higher-value digital solutions

Who should attend?

  • Sales directors, Sales managers, Key Account Managers, Field Sales, Telesales.
  • We can deliver this course at your office for your whole team as a stand-alone course or as part of a broader programme. Please contact us for an initial discussion about how this can work best for you.
  • Alternatively, we will be putting on open courses based on demand. Please contact us to provisionally book your space.


This course is ideally set out over two days but can be adapted to one day if required.

Next Steps

Please get in touch to find out how we can make this course bespoke to you and your business.