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Below are a selection of the broad topic areas we teach – but make no mistake, we don’t do off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all sales training courses! We review your organisation’s entire sales structure and build a bespoke package tailored to your needs. Get in touch today to find out more.


Exploring the changing needs of today’s buyer, your sales team will discover how to adapt to what your clients need to make it easy to buy. Selling today is different, find out how to make the strongest impact on this powerful course.

Be the differentiator


With over 5 people involved in the average B2B deal, it’s not surprising that client decisions are taking longer than ever happen. This course will allow your team to understand the blockers to decision making and their role in clearing the path for a quick and easy buying process for the client.

Get quicker decisions


Today’s buyer finds it easier to see reasons not to buy your solution, many of these are often created because of the sales approach. Working with your sales team, we will look at why objections occur, how to really understand them, how to manage them and how to overcome them.

Change client opinions


We will work with your team to focus on value and help them plan for a stronger outcome. We will help them explore and understand their client’s real motivations behind negotiation, allowing your team to avoid negotiations altogether, and when necessary, deal with them in a new and powerful way.

Increase your yields


Proposals have become so important in today’s consensus decision making climate. We help your team view their proposals from a whole new perspective allowing them to create the most powerful structure and rework live proposals before their eyes. The outcomes clients have seen are overwhelming.

Make your client’s job easy


Persuading clients is becoming increasingly difficult in a challenging and competitive market-place. This session explores why clients act in the way they do, and helps learners to adapt and improve their personal approach to help create more impact and improve sales results.

Adapt to your clients


Clients choose sponsorship for very different reasons compared to other marketing activities. Often it is not prioritised as a must-have. However, sponsorship is vital for strong campaigns. Learn how to change your buyer’s mindset, allowing sponsorship to become central to everything they do.

Sell the big stuff


The rise of digital is changing the way audiences consume media and the way clients buy media. This course focuses on these shifts in order to arm your sales team with an approach that suits today’s fast-changing digital market-place.

Increase digital revenues

The strongest sales people do it differently

In B2B selling, there are an average of 6.8 people involved in the buying process (CEB Research 2015). The job of your client contact starts once you have convinced them that your solution will work. After that, they have to persuade a whole array of different internal stakeholders that your solution is going to work. The pressure is on them. They can no longer choose your solution just because you have a good relationship with them. They have to choose your solution because it will work, because it will get the best results.

The sales people who are overwhelmingly out-performing the rest are those who have realised this shift and have completely changed the way they operate. They focus on taking control of client conversations and teaching the client how to make the safest and strongest decisions to achieve the results they need.

The strongest sales people know how to work with their contacts to help them sell-on within their business. The strongest sales people know that every interaction they have with a client needs to be worth paying for in itself.

The strongest sales people don’t just get on with their clients, they get their clients results

At Flume, we are known for constantly exploring and interpreting this ever-changing dynamic, helping sales teams to stand out from the competition by making the buying process super-simple for their clients. We’ve learned a huge amount about what works and what doesn’t and this learning continues. It’s a fascinating journey and we have seen some incredible results for our clients.

It’s undeniable, B2B sales has changed…have your sales people?

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